Triaster's Professional System is offered on-premises (as well as online) installed on a server managed by your organisation...

Triaster On-premises

The Triaster On-premises system and services - and costs - are as per the Triaster Online system and services:

  • Robust, secure, ISO 27001 compliant, managed infrastructure services and support are not included.
  • Customer on-premises support package is mandatory. Telephone and e-mail. 3 incidents per quarter. Same day response to requests received before 3 p.m. on UK business days
  • Contract minimum is 12 months

The following additional services are applicable to Triaster On-premises only:

Services Cost
Technical installation services £162.50 per hour
Mobile devices enablement £650 per system
Project Management £3,000 per setup
On-Premise Support £950 per month

How does Triaster Online compare with Triaster On-premises?

Triaster On-premises suits organisations that do not want their data held in the cloud, but in all other respects, the advantages of Triaster Online are compelling.

Agreement length Typically 1 or 3 years From as little as 1 month
Notice period for termination 3 months No notice required, service automatically stops at the end of the agreement period
Installation time Up to 2 days potentially spanning several weeks Automated
Lead time from order to installation Up to 20 working days Same working day
Technical due diligence effort Significant effort to confirm Triaster will operate within client environment Nil
Legal due diligence effort Significant effort required to review Software Licence Typically nil
Procurement due diligence effort Significant effort required to carry out commercial due diligence checks Much reduced
Software licence requirements Required for each Process Library. Visio also required All included in System cost
Hardware or virtual server costs Can be significant internal costs for server provisioning All included in System cost
Support requirements Difficult and costly to support across customer firewalls. Multiple environments create non-standard implementations, each requiring specific troubleshooting approaches and significant time investment by client I.T. team Simple, standard and uniform deployments lead to much reduced need for client I.T. team to spend time with Triaster support
Security model As implemented by the customer Single tenant ‘bank-grade’ security which is ISO 27001 compliant baked into the architecture from the ground up
Single points of failure Many and varied None